Creative Solutions

If you’re looking for someone to lead your video production initiatives or to help your company wrangle the challenges of organizing a creative team, then you’ve come to the right spot!

I’m here to, not only, provide photography and video production services but also to provide professional consultation to your creative operation. I help stand up systems and processes to enable your team to thrive and grow as a creative unit.

What’s a creative consultant?

A creative consultant provides direction and structure to your creative needs. Whether you’re starting a new social media campaign or an up and coming YouTube channel, a creative consultant can provide insight, guidance and an artistic eye to help make it successful.

…What’s a technical creative consultant then?

A technical creative consultant is a creative consultant who can also provide technical solutions to your operations. This person is someone who can be creative and give specific direction for how to move forward with creative projects but also has a highly technical background for how to organize and utilize systems, software, hardware and develop structure to allow for repeated results.

What does this service entail?

That’s a short question with a long answer. I’ll break it down:

The Assessment

While the principles are the same, every operation is different. We’ll work together to break down what your needs are. This first starts with a meeting with your management to understand the ideas and goals of the business. Then, I meet with the workforce to understand all the attributes of the team to begin formulating solutions for the gaps which may exist.

Developing Organization Needs

After the meetings, I will make a general assessment and determine what the needs are. These will be in tiers based on current resources, budget and other factors. For example, your company wants to start making weekly videos, but you do not have a videographer on-staff. I will provide a list of solutions for how to get to a weekly video within budgetary constraints while retaining quality. This might include training an employee for basic video production or contracting an external video production company. Another example, your team needs to be producing and archiving creative content, but you do not have the resources or the know-how for an archiving system. I will provide solutions which will include using current tools and resources as well as looking at outside resources - all depending on budgetary constraints. I will be providing a valuable outside perspective to determine what methods will be best to achieve certain goals. For long term projects, in this phase, I might suggest utilization of specific software to help keep the project organized. And, for short term projects, this might be developing a handful of project-specific standards and guidelines to keep the team on-track.

Conceptualization & Brainstorming

This is where the fun begins. We’ll have some tools in place to support our initiatives but what do we want to say or do… or better yet, how do we start? We sit down with the key players for the goals we laid out in the organizational phase and start determining where we want to go. All the resources have been assessed and we’ll work to their strengths, in most cases. We’ll make lists, layer in deadlines, milestones and develop a style based on your branding or develop new branding if applicable.

I’ll teach you the necessary steps to successfully execute and maintain your campaign. For video, we’ll go through what’s needed to make the best product. The video production phases are the following:

Pre-Production, Production/Principal Photography, Post-Production, Delivery, & Maintenance

From there, we part-ways and I’ll be available via phone/email for up to 6 months afterward at no additional cost.

Ari Rosenberg, 2019

Ari Rosenberg, 2019