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What is your experience?

I've been working as a video production specialist  and photographer for over 10 years. Aside from wedding videography and photography, I've worked on short films, TV, News, documentaries, and various promotional content for on-line platforms. I love what I do. Currently, I work full-time as a supervisor for a creative services department specializing in video production and photography.

Where are you located?


I provide wedding videography and limited photography services to Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

World travel is an option!


Why Weddings?


I love meeting new people and being able to tell their story. It's very special for me to use my craft to create

a customized product for a couple on their wedding day. There's not a day that goes by that I'm not behind a

camera or at my editing workstation so weddings are just another outlet for me to do what I love. It also keeps

my skills fine tuned and it's truly fulfilling work.


How far in advance do you book?


Typically 6 to 12 months but I try to accommodate within any time frame.


What kind of cameras/gear do you use?


Currently, I'm using two of the Panasonic GH5's. These little cinematic beasts have incredible image quality and can go 4K 60fps, 1080P 180fps, 10bit 4:2:2 color... well, I could nerd-out more, but I won't. I also implement gimbal stabilizers, shoulder-rigs, Manfrotto tripods, sliders, YI action cameras, drones, and many, many lenses with various focal lengths.


How do we get the final product and what does it look like?


I provide your video via a private storage (Google drive or dropbox) and I also send a customized USB Flash Drive with your HD or 4K wedding film. All of my weddings are generally under 15 minutes highlighting your day with music. Fully Edited Ceremonies and Receptions can be added a la carte.


Are you on Social Media?


I sure am! @arirosenbergweddings

For other examples of my work, please visit:

My Work

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We understand weddings can be expensive! We only charge a flat hourly rate based on how many hours we're at your event.  Post-production is included! No "nickel and diming" with us!

We meet, we talk, we bond and we design the look of your wedding using examples and any ideas brought to the table.

Using the blue print designed at the concept meeting, we thoroughly create shot lists and pull together what we will need on the day of your event.




Today is the day! We work with you all day long to ensure we are getting everything needed for your wedding as low-stress as possible.

We sit down and edit your wedding. We use the best editing software and put together samples and rough cuts for you to preview. All of our clients get a chance to revise their wedding video and make minor changes, if needed, before the final product is released.

We deliver your wedding products on a flash drive, online, and copies on disc if requested in under 12 weeks!

Call to customize your perfect wedding video today! I try to work within any budget to make your wedding film affordable for you.

Kind Words

Sara & Tommy

"Ari and team made sure to take one stress off my plate when it came to photography. Not only was he professional, well dressed and polite, he made the experience fun for us!! Photo shoots take the wedding party away from guests, especially for an unprepared photographer. Ari had premapped the entire beach and had us go where we needed to be for the best shots with the setting sun, kept us laughing, and got us back to our party and guests quickly. We were grateful for his preparations, but nothing prepared us for the photos... <3 words can't describe how beautifully he captured everyone in attendance and the true atmosphere of family and friends. Couldn't have been happier or asked for a better wedding photographer."

Ashley & Rick

"They did a fantastic job on our wedding video. I can't say enough good things about how pleased I was when I first saw our DVD--every special moment was captured and edited with such perfection and thoughtfulness. It even amazed me how without even knowing, two people who were very close to me, my grandfather and an uncle, who passed on very shortly after my wedding are both captured on the video. The montages came out exactly right, and to have the ability to pick which music to play during them added to the great ability to further customize the dvd.


I would definitely recommend Ari Rosenberg Weddings to do your wedding videography. Pictures alone do not suffice in capturing such an important day-- capturing people's movements and voices add to all of the memories are truly priceless."

Christine & Byron

"My husband and I were married this past October. At first we were not going to hire a videographer. We are so glad we did. Ari was wonderful from the first time we met at the studio until we received our final dvds. They were flexible and worked with us. Our video has all the details we wanted; they caught every moment without being in the moment. Some weddings you notice the cameras; we didn't and our guest were able to see everything. Everyone that has seen the video loves it."

Jennifer & Jerry

"Ari and team was very professional! They managed to capture every moment of our wedding day with class and beauty. The video is stunning from beginning to end. Our family can't stop talking about how beautiful it is. For the price, you can't beat it! Would highly recommend!"

Sandra & Joel

"They did an AMAZING job on my wedding video! Ari was with us all day, and the footage he captured was perfect. When my husband and I watched the video for the first time I cried I was so happy how it had come out, it was well beyond anything I ever expected. I give them 5 stars, highly recommended!"

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